The Touring Cyclist stocks a broad selection of bikes for riders of every age, interest and pocketbook. Whether you want to cross a mountain pass, win a triathlon, ride across the country or just cruise around the neighborhood, we have a bike for you. We pride ourselves in being the “friendliest shop in town” to buy a bike, and work hard to make sure you get the bike that fits you the best, and fits your needs the best, while not breaking your budget. This web site gives just a small impression of our full line up—come into one of our stores for the full experience.

Fuji logo


Fuji’s slogan is “simply better” and it is appropriate. The company does not draw lots of media attention, just quietly goes about building some of the lightest, most modern and innovative, yet very affordable, mountain, road and hybrid bikes in the world. We first started selling Fuji bikes in 1975, and are very proud to have them in our lineup today.

Kona logo


Kona marches to a different beat. Many bicycle companies seem to use a big rack of bicycle magazines and a big supply of spy cams to design their bikes—they all chase the same “hot” trends. Kona, instead, has a big stable of bike racers and full boar riders that test their designs for durability and performance, not trendiness. We’ve seen magazine trends come and go. We’re sticking with Kona’s program instead, thank you very much.

Kona builds a full line of bikes. We focus on their XC and hardtail mountain bikes and their road and commuter bikes.