• Helmets from Bell, Giro
  • Gloves from Bellwether, Fuji
  • Jackets from O2 Rainwear, Showers Pass
  • Long pants, tights from O2 Rainwear
  • Shoes from Shimano

After a properly fitted bike, the clothing you wear has the biggest effect on having a comfortable, fun ride. The proper clothing and a helmet can also make you safer and more visible. The Touring Cyclist carries a broad range of bicycle clothing, shoes, helmets, gloves, and sunglasses. Our selection ranges from simple and classical to wild and crazy, but all of it has two main goals: make you more comfortable and safer on your bike.

Giro logo




Giro made the first truly lightweight bicycle helmet in 1985, and they continue to lead the way in helmet style and innovation today. Giro is our premier helmet line.

Bellwether logo




A very functional, practical collection, Bellwether is one of our main clothing lines. This line makes simple styles at great prices.

Primal Wear logo


Primal Wear


From lizards to Led Zeppelin, Moab to the Marine Corps, Primal Wear makes themed jerseys and shorts in striking colors and eye catching designs.

Shimano logo


Shimano Footwear


Shimano works hard to make their products into integrated systems, where every part works beautifully with the other pieces of its group. That philosophy is carried out in full with Shimano shoes and pedals—they work well together because they are made to do so. Shimano is our main shoe line.

Sugoi logo




Sugoi clothing comes from Vancouver, British Columbia. The name means “incredible” in Japanese. Sugoi clothing has the flair of European fashion and the high tech fabrics of European industry, but not the high European price.

Bell logo




Bell bicycle helmets has led the way in technical and safety innovation for decades, starting with the “Biker” model in 1978—the first bicycle helmet to pass scientifically approved safety tests.

Defeet logo




Next to your hands and bottom, your feet take the most stress when riding. Cycling shoes make a big difference in comfort, but don’t forget proper socks. Defeet makes a broad range of cycling-specific socks that pamper your feet.

Showers Pass logo


Showers Pass


Many of us have the blessing (or the curse) of riding our bikes in all weather, rain or shine. Good rain gear is the key to making this bearable, and Showers Pass rainwear is the best we have found.

Trico Sports logo


Trico Sports


Trico Sports is a one-trick-pony company, but that one trick is pretty good. Trico makes gel padded shorts, both lycra and baggy (double shorts). If you’ve never gotten comfortable sitting on your bike, try out a pair of Trico shorts and you might be cured.

O2 Rainwear logo


O2 Rainwear by Rainshield


Rainshield makes waterproof, breathable rain gear called O2 Rainwear. It is very inexpensive, somewhat fragile, and extremely light and packable. It is excellent for those rides where it “just might” rain but you don’t want to carry the weight and bulk of a full blown rain suit.