• Bags and racks from Arkel, Banjo Brothers, Misc., Old Man Mountain, Ortlieb, Sakaroo, Topeak, Tubus
  • Babyseats and trailer parts from CoPilot
  • Books from Pebble Publishing, TC Tours
  • Car racks from Saris, Swagman
  • Chains from SRAM
  • Computers from Cateye
  • Handlebars, stems, grips from Cinelli, Profile Design, Salsa
  • Lights and safety equip from Blackburn, Mirrycle, Planet Bike, SKS, Third Eye
  • Locks from OnGuard
  • Pedals from Shimano
  • Pumps from Misc., Syracuse, Topeak, Zefal
  • Saddles from Brooks, Serfas
  • Tires from Continental, Michelin, Panaracer, Primo, Tioga
  • Tools and maintenance supplies from Crank Brothers, Misc., Park, Rock N Roll, Shimano, Topeak, White Lightning
  • Tubes from Continental, Misc.
  • Water bottles and H2O systems from Ciussi, Misc., Polar

The Touring Cyclist bicycle shops carry a broad selection of bicycle accessories and repair parts. We cater to every segment of the bicycling community, but we pay special attention to the needs of touring cyclists, commuters, and everyday riders. We buy from hundreds of vendors, so chances are good that if there is a bicycle product you want, we can get it for you. Bicycles are constantly changing, and we work hard to keep up with this continuous innovation. Come to us when you want to find out what is new and interesting, what is stronger or lighter or less expensive than ever before. This web site lists a limited sample of the products we carry. Come into our stores to see the full selection.




A solid example of German engineering and manufacturing at its finest, Continental has been making some of the world’s best bicycle tires since 1871. Continental tires are known for being very durable yet still lightweight and fast rolling, and the company is very innovative with the materials, methods, and tread designs that go into their products. Continental is our premier tire and tube line. target=”_blank”>Continental tire web site.

Topeak logo




The enthusiasts who run Topeak believe they are the top brand of cycling accessories in the world, and have gotten to that position by making sure every Topeak product “enhances the cycling experience” and is the best in its class. Topeak produces a broad range of products, focused around pumps (“JoeBlow” floor pumps, “Master Blaster” and “Morph” mini pumps), bags, racks (seatpost mounted “BeamRack”), lights, tools (the “Alien” minitool line), and repair and display stands. We agree that many Topeak accessories are the best of their kind, and are happy to sell them in our stores.

CatEye logo




Cateye is the leading brand in bicycle computers, and a major source for bicycle lighting. Cateye established their reputation in the 1980s by making cyclecomputers that were easy to use, easy to install, rugged, reliable, and reasonably weather resistant, when seemingly no one else could. They have maintained those fine qualities in their products to this day, and deserve their position at the head of the pack.

Banjo Brothers logo


Banjo Brothers


This is a brand new company, just a few years old, but already doing a great job. Banjo Brothers has a single goal: make simple, rugged, functional and durable bicycle bags for the best possible price. Look over our selection of Banjo Brothers seat bags, handlebar bags, panniers and rack top bags and you will agree they have succeeded.

Brooks logo


Brooks Saddles


Brooks has been making leather saddles since 1866. (We haven’t been selling them quite that long.) Brooks saddles aren’t immediately comfortable—they take time to adapt to your shape. That doesn’t work well in our “instant gratification” culture. Both some of us are willing to give a Brooks saddle time to adjust; those people find out that Brooks saddles are the best in the world.

Serfas logo




Serfas makes a broad range of bicycle accessories—we focus on their saddles, which are very innovative and comfortable.

Michelin logo




Michelin is another company with a broad range of bicycle tires, from the most basic replacement hoops to the most elite racing rubber. Michelin is our first choice for customers who want a balance between performance and economy.
Michelin 2 Wheel Website.

Saris logo




Saris makes our favorite car racks, both hitch mounted and trunk mounted. They have the look of Italian design, the strength of American engineering, and are built right here in the U.S. (Madison, Wisconsin). There is a Saris car rack for almost every application.

Powerbar logo




Everybody has to eat, and finding the best nutrition for a long ride can be a challenge. Powerbar was the first and still one of the best energy bars for high performance athletes.

Arkel logo




Arkel is a small company in Quebec, Canada that makes panniers and other bike bags. Every Arkel bag is designed, stitched, assembled and shipped by a small staff of dedicated cyclists right there in Lennoxville. In our opinion they make the best panniers on the planet.




CamelBak originated the concept of hands-free hydration systems, and they dominate that category to this day. If you want to drink on the go and need a solution that works for nearly any aerobic activity, CamelBak is a great choice.

Old Man Mountain logo


Old Man Mountain


In 1996 there were no decent luggage racks for full suspension mountain bikes. The Old Man Mountain company was born to fill this need. Racks for full suspension bikes are still their focus, but they make some pretty decent racks for rigid framed bikes as well.

Ortlieb logo




Ortlieb is based in Germany and makes panniers and other bicycle bags. These are our favorite waterproof panniers.

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Modern bicycles would be practically unrecognizable without Shimano components, so of course we carry a big selection of Shimano accessories, components and repair parts.

Park Tool logo


Park Tool


Park Tools are the first choice for the professional bicycle mechanic and are what we use. They also make a great addition to any well-equipped home shop.